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Christmas 2015:

Christmas Trees

Fall City Farms Christmas Trees will NOT be open for the 2015 season


*** Call 425-246 -5249 if you are interested in local hay. ***


Weddings and Events at The Lodge at Fall City Farms

Weddings and Events at the Tree Farm Lodge
We are opening our lodge located at Fall City Farms, in the Snoqualmie Valley, to host your special occasion or event. Northwest elegance overlooking the Rutherford Slough and surrounded by woodland.

Open for booking June - October
2015 dates available.

Herban Feast Catering:

Please contact to schedule a site visit or to reserve your date.
phone: (206) 932-4717
web: www.herbanfeast.com


So, what are we doing with our time?

Grand Central Bakery has been a loyal supporter of ours for many years now. They have used our vegetables in their soups, tarts, breads, sandwiches. We continue to grow for them. You can continue to support us by having a bite at Grand Central Bakery! And, thank them for supporting local farmers.
We are growing hay. Our hay feeds our goats, cattle and donkey. They in turn, (in their special way), are "feeding" the fields to fertility and healthy soils. If you are interested in local hay, call us at 425-246-5249.

Christmas trees! BIG TREES and . . .

And of course . . .

Fall City Farms

Fall City Farms
3636 Neal Road
Fall City, WA 98024

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